Navamsa analysis in astrology

Chart 1 : Male: Born August 20, at 7h.

The 7th house in Chart 1 is aspected by the Ascendant lord Sun, Vargottama benefic Jupiter, 12th lord Moon and Kalatrakaraka Venus which does not seem to show a late marriage. Additionally, 7th lord Saturn is in the 11th house and this is no delaying factor.

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Let us examine this chart applying the rules generally followed in predicting marriage and then move on to an examination of the Navamsa chart. Rule 1: The Dasa of the planet in the 7th or aspecting the 7th or owning the 7th house becomes a strong contender in conferring marriage. The 7th house being vacant, the Sun, Jupiter, Moon and Venus as aspecting the 7th house and Saturn as 7th lord become qualified to be the Dasa lord for marriage.

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Venus Dasa gets over in childhood. Saturn and Mercury are too late to show marriage. And we must remember the chart is not one that can be classified as coming under delayed marriage. Moon Dasa between 18 to 28 years appears to be the most appropriate. Rule II A: Find out the stronger of the:- a Lord of Rasi occupied by the 7th lord or the sign-dispositor of the 7th lord.

The 7th lord Saturn being in Gemini, such planet is Mercury in Chart 1. The 7lh lord Saturn being in Aquarius Navamsa, it is Saturn again. The stronger of the two becomes eligible for timing marriage. Between Saturn and Mercury, Saturn who is already qualified as 7th lord becomes better bet. Also to be noted is the relative deficiency in strength of Mercury being in a junctional or cuspal degree. Of these, Mercury and Saturn and Venus get eliminated by reason of their occurrence at too old an age or too young an age. The Moon is thef only qualified planet left to confer marriage. Rule III: The sign-dispositor of the 2nd lord, of the planet joining the 7th lord as also the 9th and 10th lords.

Navamsa (astrology)

The 2nd lord Mercury is in own sign and the 7th lord Saturn has no association. The 9th and 10th lords are Mars and Venus respectively. Of these, Mercury and Venus have been eliminated. Only Mars remains as contender. The Dasas now available for giving marriage are of the Moon 18 to 28 years and of Mars 28 to 35 years. Since the chart shows early marriage, the Moon Dasa may be deemed more qualified in this context.

The Bhukti can be of any one of these planets. Rule II: Mercury.

Saturn, Venus, Moon. That is. Mercury, Venus and the Sun are contenders now in Moon Dasa. The Moon favorably placed aspects the 7th house. Saturn is the 7th lord. In Navamsa we find the Dasa lord Moon and and Bhukti lord Saturn are in Shashtashtaka or positions which brought in a change in status from bachelorhood to married man. Additionally, we may note the Bhukti lord Saturn is the Navamsa 7th lord placed in the 7th in Aquarius further supporting the Bhukti in conferring marriage.

64th Navamsa Technique

Between the two, Saturn as Rasi 7th lord becomes more qualified to show marriage. The Bhukti lord Saturn as the Navamsa 7th lord as well scores over Ketu. Now transpose the transits on to the Navamsa chart. Transit wise, the Nodal axis is across the Navamsa Moon who also happens to be Dasa lord.

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Saturn in transit is in Pisces aspecting Dasa lord Moon in Navamsa, while transit Jupiter is on Navamsa Ascendant influencing the Navamsa 7th house and lord as well as Bhukti lord Saturn. When your own hidden negative qualities come to you through your spouse then you express SHOCK, In-spite of the fact that you were already nurturing those qualities inside you for a long time. People who have no hidden negative qualities or know about their negative qualities their D-9 chart supports their lagan chart or compliments their lagan chart and we all know that when this happens then the native RISE in life and hence are much more fortunate in life, Reason is now clear.

Their SOUL matches with their actions as a result whatever work they will do will have purity, so the success rest with them as these people never hide anything from them, they are open enough to know about their negative qualities and rectify them. People who are afraid to look deep inside them are left behind in the race of life. Looking at you own negative qualities means you are honest to yourself and when you are honest to yourself, you will honest to others too as a result GOD will always be there at your back.

If you are doing bad deeds, then obviously, you will not be able to look into your own eyes and this would be visible from your D-9 chart. This will give you the information about, what are the qualities which helps you to hold your relationship or the qualities which you and your spouse cherish and because of which you two are together.

For example, take Scorpio lagan, Venus becomes the 7th lord take the corrected lordship from cusp chart , suppose Venus is placed in Capricorn in d-9, now the lord of this rashi is Saturn, Hence see the strength, placement, conjunctions of this Saturn in LAGAN chart. This will give you the information about, how the native behaves with his spouse in front of the whole world. For ex: If a native has Scorpio ascendant and Virgo ascendant is in Navamsa then though mars and mercury are enemies but if Jupiter happens to be in Navamsa lagan then since Jupiter is the friend of mars so the bad influence would be reduced an astrologer should be very careful while analyzing things.