Astrology ascendant in capricorn

They are prone to giving out orders to keep people in line.

Not very talkative or social, they prefer concrete topics of conversation like work over small talk. Indeed, they come across as the strong and silent types.

The Capricorn Rising Personality - Here Are 3 Powerful Ascendant Traits

They are slow and purposeful in their movement and are never in a hurry because they don't like errors caused by sloppily rushing through things. They wear a serious expression as a rule, and it sometimes seems they need to strain to smile. They often believe they know what is right for people and aren't shy about letting them know with an authoritative tone that can feel very critical.

However, when others don't measure up, despite their effort to instruct them, they are always willing to help. They are reliable and see helping others as serious business. Capricorn rising people grow up quickly. They are responsible even as children, and rarely do their parents have to spend a great deal of time reprimanding them. In fact, as children they often prefer to associate with people older than them because people their own age often seem immature. Rising signs are the most obvious part of our astrological make up. It's the outer-most layer of a person and casts its shadow on the whole natal chart, coloring it with its sign.

It affects our appearance, attitude, how fast or slow we move, how we interpret new information, situations or people, and our immediate reactions. Aries Rising Headstrong and ambitious, it's almost as if they are always looking for their next battle to win.


Aries Rising is deliberate Click to read article. Friendly and outgoing, Libra rising is holds politeness in the highest regard. They see it as necessary not Taurus Rising Kind and gentle, Taurus rising looks out for everyone's physical needs.

Capricorn Ascendant: Everything you Want to Know!

Their caring and patient nature makes them excellent with A serious and careful nature while also daring, Scorpio rising is intriguing. You never quite feel like you completely know them Gemini Rising Edgy and witty, they seem scattered and distracted, but feel organized in their own way. It sometimes seem they aren't Like news reporters who spend their lives giving a color commentary on life, Sagittarius is always ready to make This will bring a more ambitious and withal diplomatic attitude of mind, and if progressive enough to respond to this new vibration the native will gain advancement in life and rise to a higher position than that held at birth.

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He will become much more industrious and persevering and with endurance and tact may now make great headway; though it too often happens that those under this progressed ascendant have not the inherent ability to take full advantage of its influence. To the very progressive it is a grand opportunity to gain recognition and to obtain a footing which will make the whole of the future; for it means eventually independence and position to those who have the ability to rise through their own merit.

To the advanced, it brings a love of service to others; to the ordinary individual, industry, thrift, economy, prudence and chastity. It will benefit the native according to the directions operating, but it is an influence that only the progressive can truly appreciate. If the progressed ascendant is in the first decanate of Capricorn 0 degrees to 9 degrees and 59 minutes , the general interpretation above applies.

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If the progressed ascendant is in the second decanate of Capricorn 10 degrees to 19 degrees and 59 minutes , the general interpretation for Progressed Ascendant in Capricorn applies, as well as this:. This will bring some acquisitiveness into the desire-nature, and it will cause the native to acquire wealth according to this ability to make the most of the directions operating. He will now become more persistent and plodding, working on toward the desired goal quietly and cautiously, yet with determination. He will have a fixed ambition to rise and to make progress, and should therefore gain many financial advantages.

It is a very good progressed ascendant for those who are naturally thrifty and painstaking, but is apt to be somewhat indifferent to the ordinary person. The greatest success will come to those who can live purely, and also to those who are not so obstinate as to stand in their own light; for firmness and determination are obtained under the influence of this decanate.

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If the progressed ascendant is in the third decanate of Capricorn 20 degrees to 29 degrees and 59 minutes , the general interpretation for Progressed Ascendant in Capricorn applies, as well as this:. This will make the native very practical and adaptable in his ambitions, causing the latter, however, to be tempered by a discriminative and critical frame of mind. He will be in danger, consequently, of being somewhat selfish under this progressed ascendant, and should therefore be careful not to allow his activities to carry him to extremes.

A great deal will depend upon the directions in force as to how this influence will operate; it will in any case assist him in arranging his affairs so that by a wise and careful judgement he may see clearly the best course of action in any difficulty.