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Venus In 5th House In Navamsa Chart Position of Navamsa Lagna lord, 7th lord and 9th lord in Lagna chart and also the position of Lagna lord, 7th lord, 9th lord in Navamsa chart and situation of seventh house in both charts D-1 and D-9 will decide lady luck or husband luck through marriage. The position of Venus in the seventh house of Navamsa, Saturn or Mars and is being aspected by them. Examples of such professions are — teaching Vedic astrology and marriage horoscope is indeed a complicated mesh of different charts.

Spouse From Navamsa Chart. Mars: Spouse having deformed or defective limbs. If a planet identified as the strongest determinant of profession in a nativity, is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house in the Lagna chart, or this planet is the lord of these houses, it will not provide a stable professional career. Solar energy of Sun in fourth house predicts your spouse to be a government official. Afflictions to 7th lord or Venus in the Navamsa chart are bad for marriage; this applies irrespective of the said planets' disposition in Rasi.

If the Navamsa of 10th house be that of Sun, the person will gain through power and authority. When Navamsa Lagna lord is a benefic and stong, or Navamsa lagna is conjoined with or aspected by benefics, the native has good natured spouse and leads a happy married life. You thrive in careers in which you can pioneer, take the lead, or enjoy a certain amount of freedom or independence.

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More libido, more adventurous the man becomes. Further Navamsa chart analyses the timing of marriage and means to counteract the delays. It also shows the longevity of spouse. This is a very innate desire of almost every individual. Usually Jupiter gives the profession of physicians, lawyers, ministers, bankers, authors, journalists, philosophers etc. Note:- An Astrologer always teach and help to live a lively life.

Here, Jupiter is in neutral sign, much better placement. Some frequently-missed tax relief remains available for lodging costs, even when your spouse, significant squeeze, or some other person tags along just for fun. Navamsa itself is considered as Spouse's chart because it is associated with fortune, and fortune is associated with marriage.

Navamsa chart is the most important astrology chart after Rashi Chart or Birth Chart for vedic astrology predictions and interpretations. Presence of Saturn can delay marriage while in 7. Rahu conjunct Venus in any sign and in any house in Navmansha chart, this can indicate a foreign spouse. Because off cruel behavior, such a native will be despised by society and will not be able to gain assets.

Although the student was very intelligent and brilliant in his School and College days, but the debilitated planets in Navamsa of his horoscope failed him to fulfil his desire of doing Ph. Thus your spouse provides you with deep and real love and can take the overall status to a high and decent degree. By studying the specific planetary combinations, spouse profession from Kundli can be predicted. It is not limited upto Jyotish, its about as a whole Vedic Husband in Women chart in Astrology In astrology there is two marriage significant planets, which define what kind of partner a person can get and they are Jupiter and Venus.

Spouse Prediction from Navamsa chart as per Planetary Position. A malefic Navamsa lord, and malefic Inheritance Tax.

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Saturn: Brings older than normally expected person in marriage or the spouse could be religious more ritualistic or of poor health. A strong lagna and lagna lord gives marriage. With Mars in the tenth house, you can be quite driven, goal-oriented, and competitive. Thus specific planets can influence the profession of your future life partner. The house of the spouse is seen from the lord of the seventh house from Venus.

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Venus In 5th House In Navamsa Chart Judging a Navamsa chart alone with illustration, and using the Navamsa chart as the birth chart of the spouse with an illustration is shown in detail in two different chapters. Thereafter, all efforts of the parents of the native could not bring a marriage and happiness in her life. At another level divisional charts may be contemplated as possibilities and probabilities. Sun line is close to or overlaps with the fate line: your life partner has better career than you. Jupiter the karaka of husband is conjunct Ketu electronics and Venus the karka of relationships is with Mars male figures and friends.

The native is very hard working and skilled at any level of work which he can easily learn by observations. Houses Their indications 1 A strong navamsa lagna and lagna lord gives strong indications for marriage. The Dasamsa chart or D10 shows career and achievements of a native in a society. The natal Sun not only describes the woman's physical body and way of expressing herself but also who her husband s will likely be. Woman's Moon and the man's Ascendant: The Male's ascendant conjuncts the Moon in a woman's chart, points to marriage, as does a lady's Ascendant conjunct a man's natal Venus position.

Chart 7: Ref 1 San Jha. The Navamsa chart is often used to determine marriage and relationships. They must also be respectful towards the 7 wives of the Pleiades. For example, the 5th lord is placed in Virgo Rasi and Gemini Navamsa. If Saturn is placed in the seventh house, then Ono's spouse is deceitful, deceitful, pathological, powerful and caring, reserved nature,UN emotional, industrious and thrifty. A strong Saturn in the 11th House would make a person enjoy comforts of all kinds. In many astrology books you will read that the Sun describes the husband in the female horoscope.

The spouse must be otherwise entitled to deduct the expenses. Apply the 2nd and 3rd points likewise.

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If we divide our life span into two parts then marriage obviously comes in the interval, it changes the story to some extent sometimes fully. This has proven to be correct indeed. The natives of Krittika should indulge in the worship of Kartikeya, the Sun and must chant the Gayatri mantra. After marriage life changed because of the influence of the partner in our life.

If Saturn is afflicted then spouse will be selfish, cruel, sickly,bad nature. If he becomes 7th Lord and is exalted he will give abundant libido. Here the Venus is bestowing his natural power.

Your spouse & career in Vedic Astrology

Are gifts you make to your spouse subject to the federal gift tax? Like a lot of questions regarding taxation, the answer is, "It depends. There is chances that the wife or husband will come from a better social background. Coming to the Natal chart itself, we find that Mercury and Venus are in the 64th Navamsa area of Rahu — see calculations!! So the event was waiting to happen!!! Venus being the Sthir karka for spouse and Mercury is the Sthir Karka for friends and relatives. There are various aspects of life which can be judged from Navamsa Chart. People under this padha can be more worried about themselves and this can become a reason for unhappiness for themselves and others.

All of us interested in knowing about our would be spouse and Vedic astrology plays a significant role in predicting the age, profession, appearance and family of the spouse. Mars in any other fiery sign, also if in addition Saturn, rahu, ketu in above mentioned houses. Astrology can give clue in advance about your would be spouse.

Predicting through Navamsa Nadi Astrology. If there is any planet in 7 th house, your nature can be influenced due to your spouse. Karakamsha Navamsha of Atma Karaka also gives us some information. A spouse is defined as person who was married to the deceased immediately before the death or who was a party to a domestic partnership immediately before the death which may include a de facto spouse. How the Navamsa charts should be judged has been discussed at various appropriate places.

Similarly relation between 2nd and 11th house lord with 1st,5th and 9th creates dhanyog in a horoscope and also check these in your navamsa too. You also need to be active and dominant in your field or profession. Yes, from the chart we can understand the negative and positive attributes about romance and marriage.

Sun: Spouse is favoured and protected by family. Tweleve houses of D9 division and placement of every planet in navamsa chart explains about married life. So the spouse was supposed to cheat on the native!! The Saturn-Venus Dasha helped him to get married in year On general note, the placement of Mars in eighth house of Scorpio Ascendant is not auspicious and capable of causing problems via accidents, injuries, or other chronic health issues. The plan of creation is exceedingly simple. The chart is particularly helpful in spheres of marriage, mental matching with one's spouse.

Navamsa and Marital happiness Navamsa chart help in analysising the married life of the spouse and their contirbution in the growth of family. May fail in business before succeeding. The navamsa ascendant lord, Saturn, is also debilitated in the navamsa and associated with Rahu. This planetary position also indicates that the spouse will have a positive role to play. Share Kupdf. Wealth and speech in marriage. Rahu: Brings a widow or widower in marriage. A Navamsa chart identifies in what part of a sign a planet is located, and whether its position is positive or negative.

There can be some assistance from the spouse in career matters. Your spouse could also be an entrepreneur, or will have status and recognition. Venus with Mars in Navamsa chart is indicative of Good romantic marriage if not afflicted by Rahu or Saturn. Military spouses are given certain preferences when applying for Department of Defense civilian jobs. Navamsa Chart can tell you a lot about a person and their spouses, You can use this to predict what a to-be partner wants from their life and relations. Seventh House Lord in Eleventh House. The accurate prediction is incomplete without each other.

This combination may also give a foreign spouse. Venus-Moon conjunction can also provide a love marriage but only in 5th house or 11th house. Now house-wise. When the planet that controls 5th house love is placed in 7th house marriage. Like, Suppose 5th house has Cancer sign there, Cancer's lord is Moon and Moon is placed in 7th house. It means this person is ready to convert his love into marriage. Similarly, when the planet that controls 9th house is placed in 7th house marriage , then the same thing is indicated.

Because 9th house is 5th from the 5th house Bhavat Bhavam. The planet that controls 2nd house or 11th house is sitting in 7th house. Because 11th house is your friend circle and 2nd house is your close friends. Seems many people are happy. Mob - Close Subscribe. Leave a comment.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer PG - it is possible. Poulomi Gupta Jayashree Does it indicates love marraige?


Gina - it can give lots of desires and expectations, need to practice patience. Can be tough. Gina Devyani - With Saturn, things change. Devyani My 2nd house lord saturn sitting in 7th house this indicates marrige with lover? This seventh lord should occupy any quadrant Kendra or a trine trikon in a horoscope. Anatural benefic should occupy the seventh house. Venus in seventh house brings beautiful spouse but it may produce some problem to the relationship with the spouse in long run.

A waxing moon would bring very charming and fair spouse. Jupiter in seventh house brings spouse who has very kind and god fearing nature.

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There should not be any natural malefic planets in seventh house. Especially Saturn or Mars in seventh house is not desired. Rahu or Ketu in seventh house would delay the marriage. A combination of Saturn-Rahu or Mars-Rahu in the seventh hosue would indicate cruel woman as spouse. Mercury in seventh house is desired one but it should not be associated with any other malefic planet. The strength of the seventh house lord is important in determining the relationship between the couples. This seventh lord hould be exalted or in own house. The next desired location is mool trikon signs.